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The advanced lighting design of Midmark Operating Lights deliver the true, reduced shadow white light you need to properly match shades, identify details and diagnose tissue. And, the automatic on/off function and upfront touchpad control system make the lights easy to use. Available in various mounting configurations to meet your operatory design needs. 

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Where many lights are an afterthought of old technology, the Midmark Light, with its advanced lighting design, pushes lighting quality to the edge.

• Features an integrated PC board that monitors voltage to ensure color corrected brightness, LED intensity readouts and touchpad controls

• Delivers the true, reduced shadow white light you need to properly identify shades, see details and diagnose tissue

• Customizable features simplify usage of the light, while minimizing fatigue, time and motion

• The ergonomic design offers complete control, with pull, tilt and twist options, as well as easy access to the touchpad.

• Anti-friction bearings and tension adjustments enable you to set the tension and motion desired for your specific needs

 Touchpad control offers three intensity adjustments as well as a composite safe setting to prevent premature curing

• Automatic motion controlled on/off function can be set on the touchpad with the simple touch of a button.

The Midmark Ceiling Mounted Light’s advanced lighting design houses the transformer under the mount cover, thereby delivering maximum operatory clearance with a modern, uncluttered appearance. Smooth movement is manufactured into the product with quality components designed for a long product life

The Midmark Universal Mounted Light’s advanced lighting design houses the transformer on the light arm to provide maximum adaptability for chair mounting. This light will fit round posts with bearings inside diameters of 1-3/4" or 1-3/8

The Midmark Wall and Cabinet Mounted Lights feature a post bearing that maximizes head clearance in the operatory. All pivots have been designed and tested to deliver smooth, easy positioning and long life.

The Midmark Track Mounted Light delivers smooth, quiet travel while minimizing the risk of unwanted drift.

Technology brought into view

The Track Light Monitor from Midmark combines the best in dental lighting with unparalleled  monitor positioning, allowing you to enhance the patient experience while improving efficiency and case acceptance.

      Viewable overhead or chair side
      Independent movement of light and monitor
      Height and side to side adjustability
      Effortless tilt and swivel
      Seamless integration of PC, TV & DVD
      Inputs include:  VGA, 3.5 mm PC audio, coaxial cable, HDMI, S-Video and RCA composite
      Robust, double shielded cables with over molded connectors
      Dental grade monitor