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Touch Pad Display

    * The Touch pad screen offers simple operation and an ultra-fast display.
    * The menu guides you through the most complex of operations
    * Surface disinfectants do not affect the screen as it is completely sealed.

Touch Pad Display

Customizeable Settings

    * 5 customizable Endo settings
    * Torque control, with the option of auto-stop, auto-forward, and auto-reverse-forward.
    * Three standard customizable operative modes.


    * All E-STATIS components are modular and can be placed wherever you choose. The touch pad is removeable and can be mounted either internally or externally on the dental unit.
    * The detachable faceplate and the power transformer can be removed and easily integrated into any location.

    * Three year motor warranty.
    * Fully autoclavable motor.
    * Brushless technology - greatly reduces service requirements.
    * Short and lightweight motor - motor weighs only 99g.

    *  Programmable Motor Torque from 0.1 to 3.0 Ncm. Higher torque increase by use of multiplication handpieces.
    * 3 preset operative modes.
    * Calculates file speed in endo mode.
    * Motor speed range 100 to 40.000 rpm.
    * Customizable light intensity, light delay.
    * Presets of all common handpiece transmissions plus 2 customizable transmissions.
    * 5 Preset Endo Settings customizeable auto-stop; auto-reverse; auto-forward; auto-reverse-forward.